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"We Go Where You Go!"

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Make your next Jaunt a Safe and Happy One with us.

Whether you just need a quick pick up, or you want to invite others to join you and everyone saves, Jauntze truly delivers.

  • On-Demand or Schedule – Request Instantly or Schedule for future time
  • On-demand Shared Rides– Our In-Line Pool option allows you to save by allowing others to join along your route.  
  • Multiple Carpool Options to choose from.
    1.Standard Carpool: Send personal invites to people you know for work carpools or special trips.  You can even create a recurring carpool--Everyone Wins
    2.Open Carpool:  Heading across town or across Wisconsin?  Post your ride and others can join--Everyone Wins
    3.Airport Transit:  Whether you need to go from Madison to O'hare for example, or to other airports, post your ride and others can join--Everyone Wins


Steps of Booking Ride

Here have some steps to get started rides.

First Install the App

Here you have to install the mobile app to start booking

Pick-up & Drop-up Location

Here you need to select your journey source and destination points.

Select Vehicle Type

Here we can select vehicle type as per our journey requirements.

Finaly Book Your Ride

Before final booking you can add multiple riders as well.

Our Referral Program

Jauntze Referral Incentive Program

We wanted to step out of the box and do something really special for both our riders and drivers so we created the Rider/Driver Referral Incentive Program..

Why Choose Jauntze

A Ride Share Platform Which Delivers

Jauntze was created from a driver who has given over 5000 rides through out Wisconsin and listened to his passengers and fellow drivers.


Once the ride is accepted, a picture of both your driver and their vehicle will be displayed so you know who is picking you up.


Let’s face it, you want to ride with drivers you like, Jauntze allows you to pick your favorites and even block drivers you don't like.  This provides better customer satisfaction, better drivers, and overall better experience


Real Time Updates to your driver or contact directly to provide specific information or instructions

Join the Jauntze Platform Now!

Everyone Wins with Jauntze

Riders Save More, Drivers Earn More with more choices and better service


We are very glad to get client review.

We want your input.  Once you start using Jauntze, submit your experience for others to see.

Farhan Rio

(Agent Manager)

Let us know what Jauntze does best for you.  Is it being able to pick your favorite drivers, is it the multiple options to choose from, or what about our Referral Program which you earn from everyone you refer on every ride they take and every ride their referrals take down five levels.  

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