Our Professionalism Policy

Jauntze has a zero-tolerance policy for both drug and alcohol use while driving for us. Any driver found in use of drugs or alcohol while driving will have there account suspended indefinitely.

Jauntze maintains adherance to a strict policy of nondiscrimination on the basis of trip origin or destination, race, color, national origin, religious belief or affiliation, sex, disability, age, sexual orientation, or gender identity with respect to passengers and prospective passengers.

Jauntze upholds the principles of the US Constitution and supports all American's 1st Amendment Rights to Free Speech. In today's environment of extreme views, division created by certain groups relating to the current cancel culture seen on media to include social media including censorship by some associated media outlets. We support everyone's right to hold their own opinion regarding any specific issue. If for some reason a person whether driver or passenger may not agree by the viewpoints of the other, drivers will always maintain a level of professionalism as also expected by passengers using the Jauntze Platform. As long as the issue does NOT violate our policy of nondiscrimination, we expect all who use our platform to conduct themselves in a professional manner respecting those around them with open dialog. If for some reason, a person does NOT agree with another's perspective on any given subject and if said individual may feel offended, this individual has the capability to either Block a passenger or Block a driver.

If you feel whether a passenger or driver may be in violation of this policy, please submit email at complaints@jauntze.com and an investigation will be conducted immediately.

Jauntze's founder believes we are all responsible and have the right to create own opportunities for success outlined in our Constitution. As a Veteran Owned Company, we DO NOT support Anti-American sediments, Socialist, Communist or Marxist viewpoints. We hold unequivocal support for our Constitution, Flag, and Nation with our Rights and Liberties outlined by the Constitution of the United States of America. If you don't believe in these principles, you have every right and we strongly recommend you use one of the other companies for your transportation requirements. Out goal is to help riders save money and also for our drivers to earn more. This is Capitalism and the taxes paid by this company and our drivers who are independently contracted are the taxes used to pay for the general welfare outlined in our Constitution not for Socialist or Communist endeavors to control our population.

by Juantze Jauntze upholds the principles of the US Constitution and supports all American's 1st Amendment Rights to Free Speech.

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