Stay Ahead with Jauntze

Referral Incentive Program

Available only for Wisconsin Residents at this time.  Jauntze wanted to step out of the box and do something really special for both our riders and drivers so we created the Rider/Driver Referral Incentive Program.

We Believe in rewarding those who recommend us to others

Eligibility and Requirements to Participate

  • Must be 18 years old or older
  • Only ONE user Account Allowed.  Since all drivers and riders have the same user account referral code, there is no reason for additional accounts
     *** IF you are found to have more than one user account, you will be immediately removed from our Referral Incentive Program and all funds will be forfeited***
  • You must submit a IRS Form W-9 prior to any funds being eligible for withdrawal or use as all earnings above $600 are required to receive a IRS Form 1099
    • Referral Funds must be in excess of $20 in order to withdraw

How our Referral Incentive Program Works

  • When someone signs up either as a rider or a driver using your referral code you earn a small percentage of each ride they take or provide.
  • We even went a step further and created the program so you earn not from just the people you refer, but also the people they refer
  • We allocated 4% for Riders and 4% for Drivers for a total of 8% of every ride utilizing our Platform is returned to our Users.
  • Below is an example of how the Referral Program allocate the referral earning percentage for all 5 Levels of our program.  Numbers are not Exact

Your Direct Referral is Level 1 at 1%

Level Two Referral at 1%

Level Three Referral at 1%

Level Four Referral at 0.5%

Level Fifth Referral at 0.5%

How Our Incentive

Program Level Work


You would earn 5 cents from each of your two level 1 referrals: If you referred two people and each only took one ride a month, you would earn 10 cents.


Your two referrals shared Jauntze with two people each and each took just one ride: You would have a total of four people on level 2 and you would earn 20 cents.


Now those four referred two people each you will have eight people on level 3:If each took just a single ride, you would then earn 40 would earn 40 cents here.


Given that these eight referred two people each, you would now have 16 people on level 4.Since level four uses 0.5% instead of 1% as identified above, you would earn 40 cents

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