Save More By Allowing Others to Share the Ride

How to Use In-Line Pool

You're requesting a ride just as you would with any type of On-Demand Ride.
1.You receive a 10% discount for just utilizing this option.
2.Simply enter the total number of passengers with you.
3.Our Platform calculates how many seats are available along your route for the driver to pick up additional passengers.
4.Your fare is calculated when you request the ride and Does NOT Change when the driver deviates

Schedule Rides for Regular Trips

From health checks to family visits, schedule recurring rides in minutes with Jauntze.

Live Monitoring with Every Ride

Get live video streaming of your family member as our drivers transport them to their destination.

Large Pool of Trained Drivers for the Elderly

Capability to Select Favorite Drivers you want

Safety and Exceptional Customer Service

Jauntze takes safety of its passengers and drivers very seriously. We monitor all rides so if something were to go awry, a customer service representative contacts the driver to make sure everything is as it should be.After each ride, both the rider and driver have the capabiality to rate each other. We also give riders the capability to select favorite drivers for future rides and block drivers who they feel don't meet their expectations of customer service. This capability provides our drivers additional incentive to always provide the best service possible. Drivers who riders select as a favorite driver will always receive priority to pick up riders who have selected them as a favorite driver and be skipped over if they were blocked by a rider.

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