Jauntze has three main types of Carpools.  



Airport Transit

Our Standard Carpool is designed for those who would like to create a carpool either just once or recurring.  The person who initiates the carpool knows who they want to invite to ride with them and they send an invitation through our system to their friends or coworkers.  All they need to have is the phone number of the people they wish to invite and we do all the rest.  We send a text notification invitation.  If the person hasn't signed up with Jauntze yet, the link will allow them to sign up or sign in depending on their status.  See FAQ Standard Carpool for more information.


Our Open Carpool is for those who wish to schedule a carpool for either short or long distance as in between cities such as Madison to Milwaukee for example.  Once they schedule the carpool, others can find it when searching for carpools departing or arriving in a specific city and then can choose to join.

Our Airport Transit Carpool is for those who wish to travel to another city with a larger airport and either don't want to drive, fly or take the bus.  A great example is you wish to go from Madison to Chicago O'hare, you simply schedule what date and time you wish to leave and others can choose to join.  

All win when we share the ride.  Riders save money, drivers make more, and we all save on gas and the environment.

In the event of an accident, drivers are required to pull over, call the police, and inform our support team immediately on the situation of the accident

Drivers are responsible to carry appropriate RideShare (Commercial Auto) insurance in accordance with Wisconsin Statute 440.48 as Jauntze LLC DOES NOT maintain insurance on Independent Drivers while they are actively using the application and or in the process of transporting passengers.

Jauntze requires all vehicles to be no older than 10 years and in outstanding condition.  Jauntze staff conducts initial vehicle inspection either in person or by video call with driver of all vehicles before a driver is allowed to become active to drive.  Vehicles over 10 years old are allowed to be utilized upon physical inspection of the vehicle by Jauntze staff to ensure it meets all standards.

Jauntze does not currently have Surge Pricing similar to other companies.  We do have "HIGH DEMAND" pricing is may be used during certain times of the day depending on the situation.  

Surge pricing may be added at a future date and time depending on rider demand and driver availability to ensure we stay competitive to similar companies who utilize surge pricing.  

Fares are based on time and distance. The estimated fare can be viewed as soon as you enter the pickup and drop off locations. Once the ride is complete the you will receive an email of the complete breakdown of fares

Ride Fares are Calculated by the following:

Distance and Time

Waiting Time ($0.50 per minute based on driver arrival with 3 minute grace period provided)  

Booking Fee ($1.50)

Platform Fee (4% of final fare)

Toll Charges (As Applicable)


We charge the credit card you have on file with us. Your card will be charged once ride has been completed and a receipt is provided either by email or text.

You can also review all rides in your profile.

Our goal is to provide drivers more opportunities to earn more while driving with us then our competitors through our in-line pool and carpool capabilities.

Review our "Driver" page for more information on driver pay.



Full Background Checks are completed for all Drivers including DMV Driving History.

All drivers are must have valid drivers license, and current vehicle registration. Drivers must submit proof of drivers license, registration and insurance. Drivers must have a clean driving record. Drivers are also required to have a full background check and driving history check. 

Driver's are responsible to have appropriate RideShare (Commercial Auto) insurance in addition to personal insurance per Wisconsin Statue 440.48.  Jauntze DOES NOT provide any insurance coverage while a driver is actively online through the application or while you have passengers in your vehicle.  

We accept sedans, minivans and SUV’s.

We also except Vehicles which can hold up to 7 passengers

All drivers are considered independent contractor which gives you the flexibility of working when you want.

As an independent contractor, you are responsible to maintain proper rideshare/commercial auto insurance in accordance with Wis Statue 440.48 as Jauntze DOES NOT provide insurance coverage while you are utilizing our application.  Jauntze initiated our Referral Incentive Program to help provide drivers additial income from referring others to help offset the additional insurance costs.

Our drivers are allowed to initiate payment by linking their debit card to Stripe which allows you to be paid immediately upon request.

(Additional Fees may apply to utilize instant payments)

This depends on how many people choose to join your carpool.  A Rider is provided an initial discount just for scheduling a carpool and additional discounts are applied as other join your carpool with maximum 50% discount.

Simply input date and time with your ride request.  Allow for enough time if others join your carpool in order to make it to your final destination on time.

Yes, you can book recurring rides or a one time carpool.

Yes we can pick up and drop off using multiple locations in the Carpool function.  Just make sure if you need to be dropped off by a specific time, you ensure you schedule enough time ahead to take into account that additional people will be picked up and dropped off during the trip.

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